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Best Password Managers
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RoboForm lets you sync your passwords across all your desktop and mobile devices, and the mobile editions are no longer limited. It can be a good choice, and it’s free if you stick to mobile with no desktop installations.
Your $19.95 per year subscription lets you use RoboForm on all your Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and even Linux devices.

Ruben – Roboform
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Few people can remember many strong and unique passwords for their various internet accounts. This isn’t a problem because password managers like NordPass are easily available. This service, from the same people who brought you NordVPN, is a simple, straightforward way to securely retrieve your passwords via mobile apps, a web dashboard, or dedicated desktop programs.

Paul Warren – NordPass
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1Password synchronizes your passwords and other personal information across all of your devices. It isn’t as smooth or capable as some of its competitors, but it is still a simple to use application.
App- and U2F key-based two-factor authentication are both supported by 1Password, which adds an extra layer of protection. We strongly advise you to enable two-factor authentication.

Moore – 1Password

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