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NordPass is a password manager created by the same cybersecurity team that created NordVPN, one of the world’s most popular and well-respected VPN services. But, in the competitive password manager market, can the company provide any cutting-edge technology? To be honest, yes Nor no.


NordPass Review

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Peri Elgrot

Top 10 Password Managers Editor


  • User-friendly interfaces & easy access from browser
  • App-based two-factor authentication is supported
  • Audited & secures account with biometrics
  • Options for password sharing
  • A data breach scanner and a password health report


  • The free version cannot be used on multiple devices at the same time
  • There are no features for password inheritance

What is NordPass?

Few people can remember many strong and unique passwords for their various internet accounts. This isn’t a problem because password managers like NordPass are easily available. This service, from the same people who brought you NordVPN, is a simple, straightforward way to securely retrieve your passwords via mobile apps, a web dashboard, or dedicated desktop programs. Over time, it has introduced some noteworthy features, such as a Data Breach Scanner, a password health report and a web vault access. Even more recently, NordPass has added new tools, such as username generator and business name generator to provide more value to its users. NordPass offers all their services at a considerably reasonable cost which may vary a little bit from month to month. Their premium account is available at just $2.49 per month which means, you get your 2 year plan + 1 Free month (25 months) at just $59.76. This is the cheapest plan available as compared to almost all other competitors except Roboform that offers starting from $1.16 per month.

Security of NordPass

To join up for the free version of NordPass, you must first supply an email address, then validate that address with a six-digit number sent by NordPass, and finally create a password. After that, you’ll need to download the extension for your preferred browser.

NordPass works on all platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS and offer web vault, which allows users to login without the need to download the app on any device. NordPass was tested on the Edge browser, on a Windows 10 laptop, and on an Android 11 mobile.

Sign in to the extension and create a master password for your account to finish setting up NordPass. The master password is distinct from your account password; the former serves as a decryption key for your password vault, while the latter is used to log in to your accounts.

Ensure that your master password is both unique and difficult to guess. All of the account credentials saved in your vault will be compromised if someone gets their hands on your master password. At the same time, while NordPass does not keep your master password and cannot help you retrieve it directly, it should be memorable.
During the sign-up process, NordPass does provide a single recovery code that you can use to regain access to your account, so make a note of it as well. If you lose your recovery code or forget your master password, your sole choice is to reset your NordPass account, which deletes everything in your password vault. This is how all no-knowledge services master passwords are handled.

NordPass was subjected to a Cure53 audit. The results are summarized on NordPass’s blog, however the entire paper is not available on Cure53’s site. Bitwarden has also been audited on multiple occasions. More password managers should commit to auditing their passwords on a regular basis.

To protect your account, NordPass offers TOTP-based two-factor authentication through an authenticator app. NordPass just announced support for FIDO-certified U2F security keys, such as those from the YubiKey 5 series. Log in to your Nord Account and go to the Account Security area to set up this security feature.

Pros and Cons of NordPass


Interfaces That Are Appealing

The appearance of NordPass is sleek and appealing which gives users a sight that is not uncomfortable to the eyes when using.

Options For Password Sharing

NordPass offers a feature wherein you could share passwords for your accounts like Netflix and others in a way where you don’t have to copy and paste your login information every now and then.


The information you enter in this password manager are kept organized and audited. NordPass uses XChaCha20 encryption, which ensures complete security for the sensitive data stored in your vault. You can also organize everything into folders to have quick access to your passwords, credit cards, and secure notes.

Multi-Factor Authentication Is Supported

The application of NordPass offers a 2FA system to further secure your account and information when logging in to your devices. Adding an OTP generator, using a bluetooth device or a USB stick can be used as an extra security level. You can also secure the account with biometrics – you can unlock your password vault using your face (Face ID) or fingerprint (Touch ID).

A Data Breach Scanner And A Password Health Report That You May Use

NordPass can detect and evaluate whether the password you are using is too risky or not. It also warns you if the password you will generate is highly safe to use when logging in. NordPass’ data breach scanner and password health report goes beyond its competitors’ – it scans the whole vault and identifies even credit card information that may have been compromised during data leaks.


There Are No Features For Password Inheritance

There are features that NordPass lacks and one of them is password inheritance for when you would be logging in with the same credentials on different devices.

The Free Version Cannot Be Used On Multiple Devices At The Same Time.

NordPass can only support multiple devices on a paid subscription plan. It does not offer this feature for those who use the free version of the Password Manager.

What does NordPass have to offer?

NordPass offers a number of features that make it one of the most simple and user-friendly methods for teams to share data and credentials. NordPass is one of the best all-inclusive password managers in the market. The following are some of the major features:

Features of NordPass

NordPass populates both the username and password fields with a symbol when you see login fields on the web. When you click into a field on a site for which you have credentials saved, a pop-up opens with the option to log in with the relevant account. You can also use the NordPass extension in your browser’s toolbar to view and select credentials from a list of suggested items.

If you don’t have a stored login, simply enter your credentials as usual; once submitted, NordPass will display a message asking if you wish to save those credentials. In my tests, NordPass successfully entered and saved credentials for Google and Eventbrite’s two-page login windows.

Scanner For Data Breaches And Password Health

NordPass received two significant security improvements in the most recent wave of updates: an actionable password health report and a Data Breach Scanner. To utilize them, you must have a Premium plan subscription. Click the Tools icon at the bottom of the web or desktop app to access either function. The Password Health function is really straightforward. It examines all of your saved passwords and notifies you if any of them are weak, repeated, or outdated. If it identifies any offenders, you may navigate to that item in your vault by clicking the Change Password option. Don’t change your password in NordPass; instead, click the link to the associated website in the pop-up message and let NordPass remember your new password the next time you log in.

The Data Breach Scanner analyzes the internet and alerts you if any of your saved credit cards or accounts have been compromised. If it detects any, NordPass notifies you of the site, the date of the breach, the sort of information that has been compromised (such as passwords, names, employers, and phone numbers), and a description of the site. Both of these tools are wonderful additions that are also simple to use. It’s worth noting that they don’t operate indefinitely; you must manually start them each time. Dashlane, Keeper, and LastPass are all similar in functionality.

Inheritance And Password Sharing

To share an item, hover your cursor over it, then select Share from the vertical three-dot menu on the right-hand side. Then type in the email address of a recipient and click Share Item. Anyone can create an account and view goods that have been shared with them, but only premium users can share items. At this time, you are unable to share folders.

There is no option to offer a recipient read-only or view-only access, but a NordPass official explained that this was by design. According to the representative, someone having even read-only access to a NordPass item might hypothetically overrun an account even if they didn’t have edit access to the item itself. Other systems, such as Sticky Password, allow you to specify whether a receiver can only view, completely edit, or delete your password.

For paying subscribers, NordPass has recently implemented a new function called Trusted Contacts. Essentially, this functionality allows you to send and receive an encrypted communication with a contact manually. This, in principle, lowers the risk of a man-in-the-middle assault. On the web or desktop apps, you can create trusted contacts in the advanced area of the settings tab.

One of the recently rolled out features of NordPass is the Web Vault, which allows users to use most of the functionalities on a desktop app, without having to install the application on a device. Alongside it, NordPass added a variety of new tools: its business name generator allows to generate unique and memorable business names; username generator can also be handy when creating handles for social media accounts.

NordPass: Mobile features

It’s important to remember that free users can’t use their passwords on many devices at the same time. If you’re signed in to the web extension and then try to sign in on your smartphone, NordPass will log you out of your desktop browser session. Although this behavior may appear annoying, it is still preferable to competing services that refuse to sync your credentials to a second device.

The Android app for NordPass is simple but appealing. NordPass displays a list of all of your vault items in the centre of the screen. A + button at the bottom of the screen allows you to add new logins, notes, credit cards, personal information, and folders. You can navigate between the home page, all item categories, and the app settings using the bottom navigation menu.

The Data Breach Scanner, password generator, and Password Health features, in particular, are mobile-friendly. Biometric mobile logins are supported by NordPass, and I was able to authenticate with my fingerprint without issue.

In addition to the service’s website, NordPass can now start apps connected with saved login items. NordPass is also capable of auto-filling forms in apps. Credit cards can also be scanned and imported into your vault.

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NordPass: Customer Support

This is a small selection of support choices when compared to other major brands. Typically, password managers do not provide phone help. Keeper and Dashlane, for example, provide live chat. Others, such as 1Password and LastPass, have a vibrant support community.

However, I appreciate the option of email support. It isn’t available in Dashlane. NordPass’s customer service crew was also exceptionally helpful and responsive. I had a few conversations with NordPass customer service. For example, when I was having trouble downloading the Edge browser extension, I sent an email to them.

Comparing NordPass to other Password Managers

Free and Premium

NordPass has three account types: NordPass Free, NordPass Premium and NordPass Family Plans. It also offers Business and Enterprise Plans to their Customers.

NordPass Free

Practically everyone requires multi-device access to their passwords. Dashlane Free, on the other hand, is probably worse, as it restricts users to 50 passwords. Users of NordPass Free can save as many passwords and Secure Notes as they wish. The free version also allows you to use a password generator, which helps to generate complex passwords.

NordPass Free, on the other hand, isn’t as good as NordPass Premium. You won’t know whether or not you enjoy NordPass until you can use your password vault on numerous devices at once. If you only have one device, though, NordPass Free may be a suitable option.

Improvements of NordPass

NordPass is one of the best all-inclusive password managers in the market with appealing web, desktop, and mobile apps that now includes security features like a Data Breach Scanner, an actionable password health report, and support for hardware key-based authentication. It does not, however, have password inheritance capabilities, and some alternative free password managers are less restrictive.

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Bottomline on NordPass

NordPass is definitely one of the top all-inclusive password managers in the market, now available as a browser extension on all main browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Brave, Opera and Safari). NordPas app is also available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

NordPass will keep your passwords, notes, credit card details secure and automatically help you login into your online accounts with ease. They also offer you a variety of security features that include Password Health Report, Data Breach Scanner to identify data leaks and vulnerable passwords.

Customer’s vault is further protected with MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) and biometrics login.

Overall, NordPass is a great all-inclusive password managers that constantly rolls out new features. Besides being one of the best-priced options in the market, NordPass is very intuitive, easy to use and powerful, when it comes to password management.